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Parent organization: The Swatch Group. Union Glashütte conveys the essence of luxury German watchmaking just as much now as it did 125 years ago. Lovingly hand-crafted by our expert watchmakers with meticulous precision, the watches undergo a series of intricate processes during production.

An angry customer shared his experience, "My brand new Omega watch stopped working. I called the Swatch Group US customer service and was told the battery replacement cost about $60. The SGUS received my watch on 9/5/2019, later sent me an email that ”the battery has leaked and caused damage to the movement”. The total cost was $575. Based on the movement damage, I approved the service on 9/16. On 10/ 21, I logged in their website and was surprised that three parts were listed and the cost became $1,144. I immediately called them I had to reject the service and asked to return my watch. She said they could remove the three parts from the list, keep the cost of $575 and let my watch work well. In November, they listed the other two parts without informing me. On 12/4, I called them. Jena, the representative, said they couldn’t stop service and it would finish on 12/20 because of waiting parts. If I reject service, I should pay a partial service fee, but I couldn’t get any warranty and my watch couldn’t work. I rejected it and asked her how much I should pay. But no one told me that until I received the invoice. They charged me $575, not partially. I dispute the service and bill according to the following: 1. They don’t replace the movement for my watch. Because they removed the two exactly same movements and the quartz from the list after my calling. 2. They don’t replace the other two parts. They removed them from the list after my calling. 3. My brand new watch is working. But their invoice marks ”the battery has leaked and caused damage to the movement”. 4. If the maintenance fee includes the movement replacement, why they listed those parts separately and would charge me two times? I think what they did was only replacing the battery. What I should pay the Swatch Group US is the cost of battery replacement and shipment, about $95.00.


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S. R. says

"This store sells air and wastes time! I inquired before the catalog whether the watch was in stock and was told yes. Promise I will receive within 3-4 weeks. After a few days I was told I would only get a watch in 3 months and I canceled a deal and would only get the money after two weeks. Just a shame to shop from Germany!"

Larry Lafter says

"Stay away from them and do not believe in their expected time to deliver. I have ordered my watch on March 1st and they confirmed me via telephone it will be sent on max 2/3 weeks. I must admit that the customer service always responded to my phone call but the answer was always the same "we expect to have it in 2 weeks". This was happening till I was really pushing them to know the date since 3 weeks almost passed and finally they sent me an email setting the new expected date 1 month beyond ! Buy from them only if you are a great waiter and believe in tales"

Jan says

"On 4 december 2018 i ordered an Omega ladywatch. After a week i called and they said arrival of watch end of december 2018. End december I called again and they said medio january 2019. I called medio january and they said ultimo January. I called today - and they said, that they are still waiting to hear from their supplier and THEY dont know when i will hear from them again Too bad that they are not in control of the situation and unfortunately has not hands on their suppliers. I wish Uhreninstikt to get more control of their supplychain. My conclusion so far is: be carefull to buy at Uhrinstinkt.de if u have deadline - as a birthday. I still hope to get the watch here in 2019.Regards form A disappointed costumer. 19 feb. 2019. Today i got mail from Uhrinstinkt.de - that they have cancelled my order because supplier ran short of the watch. So after 3 ½ month they wrote me that i will NOT get the watch i ordered. Now i have to tell my wife that her gift is not comming as promised. Have to find another solution. From 1 to 10 where 1 is worst - i will give uhrinstinkt 1 p"

Per says

"Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra through Chrono24 with trusted checkout. Expected delivery 2-3 week. After 7 weeks received info that Uhrinstinkt is not able to deliver the watch. Disappointed answer to this message left unanwsered from Uhrinstinkt. After 8-9 weeks Chrono24 cancel the order."

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